Stern Inter-Club Council

The Stern Inter-Club Council (ICC) is the governing organization of the 24 student clubs at the Stern School of Business. The ICC works with its Member Clubs to drive involvement in the Stern community and develop professional skills. We facilitate the creation and approval of new member clubs; foster collaboration among clubs; provide strategic direction for the role of organizations within Stern; and plan school-wide events and club fairs to increase participation across the student population.

Undergraduate Liaison Program

2018-2019 Application

9/16 - 9/28 (11:59 pm EST)

The Undergraduate Liaison position is a rotational program where Freshmen can explore the different roles within the ICC E-Board and help out accordingly. They will work closely with the rest of the team throughout the year on projects that involve all 26 pre-professional organizations at Stern. There will also be a mentorship component and workshops led by upperclassmen about anything from resume building to choosing apartments! As a UL, you will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all professional organizations on campus, what they have to offer, and engage with various student leaders.

Those selected will act as the voices for Class of 2022 to help bring awareness to topics that can help better the club community at Stern!

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