Stern Inter-Club Council

The Stern Inter-Club Council (ICC) is the governing organization of the 24 student clubs at the Stern School of Business. The ICC works with its Member Clubs to drive involvement in the Stern community and develop professional skills. We facilitate the creation and approval of new member clubs; foster collaboration among clubs; provide strategic direction for the role of organizations within Stern; and plan school-wide events and club fairs to increase participation across the student population.

The Inter-Club Council developed the Trinity Plan to engage students from the day they arrive on campus until commencement. The three pillars of the plan are: Professional Development, Freshman Recruiting, and Career Outreach

Professional Development

Continuing down the path paved during recent years, the Inter-Club Council will maintain active involvement in the Member Club Strategy Council. Working in conjunction with the Office of Student Engagement, the ICC will facilitate participation of each of the co-curricular clubs in their respective Councils. While the framework for this initiative has been established, a significant contribution from the ICC will be necessary to solidify the program in its formative stages. Additionally, the continued supervision of the clubs’ involvement, as well as the further development of the group will be necessary in the coming years.

Freshmen Recruiting

The Stern School of Business attracts the best and brightest high school seniors from around the world. Naturally, these upper-echelon students are often involved in leadership roles in their respective high schools. In addition to a top-quality academic program, many prospective students will look to the availability of extracurricular organizations as avenues to further enhance their collegiate experience. By presenting the clubs in a manner that portrays the important role they play within the College, we hope to attract these students. Projects that work toward this goal include extending marketing campaigns to include brochures, recruitment videos, and other promotional materials dedicated to highlighting the clubs. 

Career Outreach

ICC clubs have made great strides in improving the quality of the firms that recruit at Stern. From Goldman Sachs to Johnson & Johnson, Stern’s student leaders have been instrumental in bringing in some of the world’s most prestigious firms to the undergraduate level. With the force of the clubs behind it, the Inter-Club Council will strive to enhance this initiative. Currently, student leaders from two of ICC's clubs, Beta Alpha Psi and Investment Analysis Group have taken the initiative to attract top-tier consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co. and Boston Consulting Group to recruit at Stern. ICC will focus on helping clubs in their efforts to show elite firms the value of a Stern education.

Currently, many Stern students are blinded from the great number of number of exciting and rewarding career opportunities available to them. Investment banking, consulting, and Big 4 accounting currently reign as the most sought-after positions for Stern graduates. A major reason for the popularity of these positions is that many students feel that these top positions are the only career paths available to them upon graduation. Inter-Club Council will work to open the eyes of students to alternative avenues for their future employment by shining a light on opportunities in non-profits, start-ups, corporate finance, and more.